Manifesto: Notes on the Decline of a Mighty Musical Empire

Hello, World!  I’m Dave, and I hate my job. I hate any job after a while, really. It sucks having one equally as much as it sucks not having one, and it’s the bothersome nature of this historically western disease which has led me here. I’m here because fuck work.

Although, I am a genuinely blue-collared individual, so why am I here, toying with the possibility of becoming a soft-handed typist?

Well, I’m not as manly as Hemingway or as daring as Thompson, but I’m also not suicidal, so I guess I win that round.

I’m here to write. Other people have told me they like the way I write, so hey, I figure, why not write about something I feel passionate about?

Worst case scenario: it’s a complete waste of time. Best case scenario: it becomes another job, which I will eventually hate, and then maybe I will get suicidal. Because life is funny. A funny goddamned nightmare.

But enough with pleasantries. I suppose I should get to some sort of point.

I’ve been in Austin for five years now. Not a long amount of time for anybody over the age of 18, but a lot has happened in those years, and I’ve tried on a few hats, so to speak.

I’ve seen this town change from a population of reasonably friendly and trusting miscreants to a cagey horde of weary tribalists who would just as soon skin you alive and send your flayed corpse back to your family in California than give you directions to the nearest yoga studio… or maybe that’s just me.

I feel like the main character in Almost Famous, when he’s talking on the phone to Lester Bangs. In an almost apologetic tone, Bangs informs the young lad that he’s arrived just in time for the death knell of rock and roll.

That’s sometimes how I feel about Austin.

I see the death knell in the locals. I mean the real locals. The ones who got here before Frost Tower.

But pining about the past isn’t really my bag anymore, particularly a past I wasn’t even here for. Don’t let my current dour mood and sardonic prose fool you; I am actually very nice. My favorite movies are comedies.

So let’s suppose that there’s an experiment going on, and on one side there’s the image of the once great and mighty Austin music scene, now bleeding and lying on it’s side, begging for a helping hand or a dignified death – whichever, it’s beyond the point of caring anymore – and on the other side there’s just a guy that’s not even from around here who hasn’t gotten out in too long, being way too harsh about a place where cool things still go on and hope exists for talented underdogs.

It really could go either way. So like I said, this could all be a complete waste of time. Either way, the only way to find out is to get out of the house and go see some fuckin’ shows.
Who’s with me?


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