Money (That’s What I Want)

How many times are people going to cover the song “Money (That’s What I Want)”? How long is it okay for twenty, thirty, and forty-year-old people to write songs about teenagers fucking before it’s considered pedophilia?

If you can’t come up with something interesting to do or say with your art, you deserve to work a day job for the rest of your life, because you’re fucking things up for the rest of us.

When The Strokes started tearing up the pop scene in the mid 2000s, I checked out. I dove into prog metal, hoping never to return, only to find out that the content there becomes abstract and self-referential to the point of wankery.

So I came back to rock and roll, and found bands that I had been previously unaware of, and was actually happy to find something dumb to listen to…for awhile.

In summation… from both sides of the fence: if you’re going to be a prog nerd, give us something to listen to that’s at least somewhat relatable for people who haven’t read Philip K Dick’s entire bibliography. And if you’re going to get onstage in a leather jacket and sing about teenagers, do that shit while you’re still a teenager; otherwise, you’re just a fucking creep.


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